• Freshly pressed and folded ready for collection.

    Simply the Best Dry Cleaners provide a service to clean tablecloths, lace cutwork and all types of bed linens. The cleaning process we follow can remove oxidation stains and whiten linens and lace that have yellowed over time.

    Our bed linen cleaning service ensures an effective sterilisation and removal of allergens, which leaves your items not only fresh but hygienically clean.

    If you are busy planning a dinner, you will also find our home delivery service a convenient way to take care of your table linens, as well as all of your other cleaning needs.

    Services include:

    - Sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases laundered and pressed
    - Pillow refurbishment
    - Duvet cleaning
    - Bedspreads, cushions and other bedding accessories
    - Bedspreads
    - Mattress toppers and mattress protectors

    Contact head office now on: 01494 773914 or call your local shop directly by clicking here.